Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dracula's Cabaret: Be a Vampire for a night and drink your full!

Restaurant: Dracula's Cabaret 
Address: 1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach, Gold Coast Queensland

My first time at Dracula's on the Gold Coast and it was a really fun experience. Everyone I have spoken to prior to the event said we would have an amazing time! Dracula's Gold Coast had just changed their show to Sin and Tonic. A very raunchy, musical spectacular. 

Upon arrival we were greated by the staff and entertained during our wait to go inside. The man juggling made quite a spectacle doing flips of the rock and juggling fire. We had booked VIP tickets which were $130.00 each, this came with a VIP bag with a souvinir book and candy tassles. From my understanding VIP was on the top circle and non VIP were seated down near the stage. 

Now! There is a special surprise at Dracula's when you go into the venue. I wont disclose the surprise, but it was very entertaining and later video expressions were exchanged on a big screen. I was informed that this is a ritual they do at every show. 

We were told we could not take photography or video of the show, but they did not mind me taking photos of the food. Once seated at our booth, there was a set menu for the main course. The draculette would come around and take our orders individually. The drinks were very expensive, BUT they came with novelty cups which you could keep. You could order any cocktail in the yard glass ($38) or the skull glass($28). there was also a large fish bowl available, which came with 6 different shots for the price of $48.00. Memorable mention is the $10 alcohol jelly in syringes.
Chickpea and ricotta, chorizo and leek in a tartlet

Our entree was a Chickpea and ricotta, chorizo and leek in a tartlet. There was more variety when selecting the main such as Chicken, Lamb, snapper, vegetarian and pork belly. The dessert was Dracula's signature dish Creamy Bacio with roasted hazelnuts and frangelico liqueur in a dark chocolate dracula coffin. 
pork belly

This fine venue is a dinner and a show, the show entailed many short skits, some funny, artistic and flexible. There was plenty of time inbetween skits to go to the bathroom or get another drink and you wouldn't miss a thing. The live band was a very nice touch to the show, demonstrating that the show was well timed and they could improve if needed. The show itself went for about 3-4 hours, we had arrived at 7ish and we left around midnight. 
Creamy Bacio with roasted hazelnuts and frangelico liqueur in a dark chocolate dracula coffin

Dracula's was something different and I had a great time. The VIP booths had a great view from the top, but there was not a great deal of room to move. I suggest booking normal seating downstairs alongside the stage, during the show the characters would even interact with the people in the normal seating. Great food and a fantastic show, I highly recommend going!

<3 Jess
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Queenies – the Queen of Bammies

Restaurant: Queenies
Location: Level 1, The Forresters 
Corner of Foveaux and Riley Streets 
Surry Hills, NSW 2010 
Open: Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm till late, Friday lunch: 12pm – 4pm 

Jamaican food in Surry Hills! So you ask, what is Jamaican food? Well, I’ll start off with their Sugar Mamma cocktail (spiced rum, sugar cane juice, lime and ginger ale) and Bammies (pulled pork and pineapple) oh bammies, why are you so delicious? There is just something about that cassava flatbread, even typing this is making me salivate over my keyboard. These two top-notch dishes (yep, a cocktail is a dish now) make me come back here again and again and again. Yep, and again. Prawn bammie is good too but pulled pork is what makes us come back oh and also what makes me lick my fingers, lick my plate, lick my lips that much more! Opps, ok with enough licking… 

Sugar Mama, Dutty Riddim (Goslings rum, dutty mix, red wine, fruit, lemon squash aka Jamaican Squash) $10ea 

Pulled pork and ginger/ prawn, mango and ginger bammies $7ea 
(Disclaimer: you may want to order 2 servings because a double bammie is always better than one) 

BBQ jerk corn w/coconut $8 

Chicken wings $14 

Coconut soft shell crab with hotstepper sauce $16 

We love to order so with Feli, Cass and I there we had legit reasons to order, well to order more that is. Entrees are: BBQ Jerk Corn, pushcart chicken wings and coconut soft shell crab. Verdict: you can probably pass up on the corn (I’d rather fill my tummy with bammies HAHA!), wings: I’m telling you anything with that sauce is a winner aka salivating, crab: pass on that too because YOUR tummy needs space for bammies AND that finger-licking sauce! 

Teriyaki Caribbean chicken salad $16 (mango, cashews, crispy tortillas, cheddar and lime dressing) 

Ok, we’re not all that bad. We did order a salad too. Salad was tasty oh wait, or was it the chicken that was tastier? Nevertheless, it provided us with healthy greens with a refreshing lime dressing and mango, yum! 

Feast: Jerk Pork Neck $35 (jungle slaw, pineapple and chilli salsa and bread rolls with sweet potato fries. Serves 3-4) 

So because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, we somehow thought we needed the 3-4 servings of pork neck and all the other sides that came with it. Because our eyes were so big, somehow we overlooked the slaw side and still ordered the salad.  

Complimentry cucumber appetiser

Lesson learnt: sugar mama first, bammies second, slaw third and any remaining space is to order a second round of bammies. And yep, you can order a side of jungle slaw for $7 instead of the feast $35 but sweet potato fries in the feast is a plus, unfortunately the fries were a tad soggy and we barely had any room left for more carbs so we sadly said no to these potato friends :’( 

Dear Queenies, I will be back for your bammies and jungle slaw. In the meantime, take care of my sugar mamma. Oh, did I also mention Queenies have desserts too? I’ve been here 3 times but I always lose and never make it to the dessert round. I will win, until next time. 

aka the bammy lover 

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Pie Tin

Restaurant: The PieTin
Location: 1A Brown St, Newtown
Phone:  02 9517 7880

I have been wanting to come visit The Pie Tin for a while now, but have not been able to make my way over. Well, we wanted to but they close really early, so be sure to check their opening hours before you visit in case of disappointment! But finally over the annual break from work Candice and I made our way over for a quick bite.

What to order, the choices made me ponder and then there were the sides! Which sides do I, I mean, we want? But it was decided…

Napalese lamb curry with two sides $11.00 - $13.00

I got the pie meal (which we shared our two sides) with the spicy Nepalese lamb curry, mmm~~ the flaky pastry was so goooood ~ the pies, to me, are slightly bigger than your average pies and it makes us happy that we did not over order with sides. The lamb was nice and stringy, though it wasn’t TOO spicy. Which I guess is good for people who cant really take the spice – but I would have personally liked it to be a bit more?

Innards shot of lamb pie
The potato salad was more-ish and very evil, but it was simply delish. We went forkful after forkful. Then the colesaw helped us feel like it was slightly healthier, but we all know that it’s not all that healthy too ;)

Cauliflower and zucchini pie $5.80
Candice had the cauliflower and zucchini pie, it looked so nice and creamy. The melted cheese was stringy, watching her devour this awesome piece of pie was rather mouth watering at the same time. Even though I had my own share…

Innards shot of cauliflower and zucchini pie
We would have loved to try out their sweets too, but unfortunately we had no room in our bellies for this … But that’s ok, there will always be a next time, as we are sure to return to try their OTHER pie varieties and sides … mmm~~ just thinking about it now, I think a revisit is overdue!

Until next time,

- Cassie x

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Oven Express - Oven, Stove Top and Range Hood Cleaning Services

Company: Oven Express
Phone: 1800 325 773

When I asked about how long it will take to clean the oven, I was shocked to hear that it will take around 2 hours for an average domestic oven. I mean.. surely cleaning an oven wouldn’t take that long right?

Duane from Oven Express arrived on time and he was really friendly and every time we had a chat, he always had a smile on his face. He started taking apart the oven and cleaning every inch inside with their bio-degradable products. The glass inside the oven was removed out and was scrubbed thoroughly on both sides. He took the oven racks to his van to give it a good clean with his hose – all the tough stains from baking spills and what-not vanished!

After cleaning the oven, he cleaned the stove top, which I did not expect. I’ve tried scouring the black stains around the stove top off myself with Ajax before but failed. After Duane did his magic, my stove top was squeaky clean. 

Then, ANOTHER surprise - he cleaned the range hood! But he said it was an easy job because it was quite clean and not too greasy. During our chat, he told me that Oven Express also provides BBQ cleaning services and that my oven was an easy job compared to some BBQ that he has seen. They go everywhere around Sydney and the furthest that he's been to was at Avalon!

By the end, I understand why it would take around 2 hours – he was so precise and literally cleaned everything without missing any places.

The products did not leave that harsh chemical smell after cleaning which is great because you don’t really want to bake anything inside a chemical filled oven. And of course, it was spotless :) Big thank you to Duane for giving me a clean place to bake and cook!

Prices (for an average domestic oven)
Just Oven - $160
Oven, Stove and Range Hood - $200


Next Stop: Food was given an opportunity to try Oven Express’ cleaning services. All comments are purely based on my own thoughts and opinions. Thank you Susan from Oven Express for contacting us.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sofie's Greek: Greek Banquet and Sexy lady dancer

Location: UPSTAIRS, 386 Darling Street Balmain
Greek Salad
Celebrating another year as we have dinner for Cassie's Birthday. Cassie found this restraurant through the internet and it was a very memorable Greek food experience. On the streets of Balmain there is a stair case and beyond those stairs is Sofie's Greek Restaurant. Once we walked in we were greeted by Peter (the owner) himself and he sat us all down at our reserved table. Having looked at the menu online prior to going to the restaurant I was pretty keen for the banquet. 
Pita bread
Salt and pepper squid

For $48.00 we got all the below meals:
Horiatiki Salata  Greek salad, Trio of Dips w warm pita bread, Kolokythomarida  - whitebait & zucchini fritters Ouzo Aioli, Kotopita - chicken mince, dill, eschallots & feta wrapped in filo pasty w Skordalia, Calamari - Baby squid w Ouzo Aioli, Paphos Haloumi cheese pan fried w tomato & mint , Kleftiko - Slow roasted lamb shoulder w oregano vegetables, Souvlakia - BBQ'd chicken skewers & baked potatoes, DESSERT: Loukoumades hot Greek donuts w honey syrup & toasted seasoned nuts, Greek Coffee or Sage Tea
Zucchini Flowers
Chicken filo pasteries with garlic mash
The best part about the banquet was the restaurant catered to the amount of people we had. As we had 7 people, the servings all came as one for each person. Not like some restaurants we have been to before and  we had to split a tiny ball so everyone got a share. Peter was a very nice waiter/host and even catered to my seafood allergic boyfriend and substituted spinich and ricotta filo pastry for the calamari. 
haloumi cheese
The entire experience was absolutely delightful. The food was amazing and the service was spectacular. To start we had the entrees Greek Salad and Trio of dips, this was very very fresh. Following this was the Zucchini fritters , Chicken filo pastry and Calamari. The girls loved the haloumi and the roasted lamb was so succulent that the meat fell of the bone. Chicken Skewers were a nice finish to the entire meal, as it was light and easy to eat. Finally onto the dessert, it was freshly  made dougy balls drizzled with honey. These reminded me of honey chicken without the chicken. 
Lamb shoulder
Chicken kebabs

For drinks we chose a bottle of imported Greek Red and Peter then suggested to my boyfriend an imported Greek beer, funny enough this beer was called "Vergina". As for the birthday girl, we got her a scumptious cake from Kürtősh to end the night. The chosen cake was the Dobosh Torte - It was a seven layered sponge cake filled with Chocolate buttercream and a toffee glazed top. The Staff even added candles for us onto the cake and sung happy birthday to our dear Cassie. 
Greek donuts

Now I know I mentioned sexy lady dancer in the heading and unfortunetly the one Saturday we go for dinner she was unable to attend. I did speak to Peter prior and he mentioned that the lady dancer is there every Saturday night 9.30pm without fail. Peter even offered all of us a complimentary shot for the dancers absense. In a fancy shot glass he called this shot the "Blue Zorba", it contained Brown brothers orange muscat, lime juice and a tad of Zambucca. 
Sorry to disapoint with the lack of lady dancer photos, but I hope this gives you an incentive to go one Saturday night and see for yourself. Overall we had a great experience with Peter and Sohpie. Food was great and the service was very satisfying. I will definetly be going back again one day. I hope you have a great Birthday Cassie!
Until next time foodies!
<3 Jess
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